What is this blog?

I am not a salesman. The very idea, is sort of disgusting to me. I value relationship, I would much rather offer good value to someone instead of getting some dosh by making someone a sucker.

I am a high-level introvert. I like waste my time in droves, I don’t exercise, I eat a diverse subset of bread and cheese. I’m a mess.

And that’s ok. The last few weeks, maybe beginning at the new year even, I have had a renewed drive for self improvement. The desire to create passive income, become an entrepreneur, start a mastermind, invest in stocks. The only problem is…


So I started reading, learning, watching, and I walked away with one profound observation.

No one knows what they are doing when they start something new.

I mean, sure, Mozart did that whole child prodigy thing, you know, the one where you can write a concerto and still eat boogers. But most of us are not savants. A lot of us have spent more time at a dead-end job and dreaming big then actually doing dreams.

That’s ok. Yet, I am going to kind of drop-kick my own personal limits in the face. I am going to pursue blogging, creating an audience, and making dollar dollar bills You all.

This blog will change over time. Pictures might appear. Things might change. I might even get a domain name, like I hear every other self-starting entrepreneur tell me to get so that they can get affiliate advertising.

Feel free to join and learn.