Update #5: Back on the Grind again

Back to work! Just a quick update…

Just finished a Spring break and ready to hit the ground running this week! If I accomplish these goals, I’ll blog about my findings! Also got my SECOND invite on Upwork. WOOT WOOT!


Goals For The Week:

  • Read Jeff Goins 12 Steps Ebook
  • Look into Domain hosting for 3 Blogs (Probably purchase the domain for my main one)
  • Attempt to do 1 Blog post a week on Infinite and Fading
  • Write down Rule #3 (I came up with a new one! I think you guys will LOVE IT)
  • Return to About Me Section/Update the Header
  • Document Current Blog State
  • Follow a Blog or two that has to do with Freelancing
  • LEARN SOME HTML (Khan Academy gives free classes for baby programmers like muaw)

A lot hopefully will happen this week 😀 I have one follower now.


Let it be known you were personally thanked! (I’mma read your blog too, cause it’s the best I can do)

Goals For The Future:

  • Format 10 Rules into Ebook on Freelancing
  • Reach 10 Subscribers
  • Affiliate Advertising
  • Email Newsletter Link (Learn how to do that)
  • Monthly Newsletter


Jake Smith


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