Update #5: Back on the Grind again

Back to work! Just a quick update…

Just finished a Spring break and ready to hit the ground running this week! If I accomplish these goals, I’ll blog about my findings! Also got my SECOND invite on Upwork. WOOT WOOT!


Goals For The Week:

  • Read Jeff Goins 12 Steps Ebook
  • Look into Domain hosting for 3 Blogs (Probably purchase the domain for my main one)
  • Attempt to do 1 Blog post a week on Infinite and Fading
  • Write down Rule #3 (I came up with a new one! I think you guys will LOVE IT)
  • Return to About Me Section/Update the Header
  • Document Current Blog State
  • Follow a Blog or two that has to do with Freelancing
  • LEARN SOME HTML (Khan Academy gives free classes for baby programmers like muaw)

A lot hopefully will happen this week 😀 I have one follower now.


Let it be known you were personally thanked! (I’mma read your blog too, cause it’s the best I can do)

Goals For The Future:

  • Format 10 Rules into Ebook on Freelancing
  • Reach 10 Subscribers
  • Affiliate Advertising
  • Email Newsletter Link (Learn how to do that)
  • Monthly Newsletter


Jake Smith


Weekly Update #4: Pokemon

One of my favorite metaphors in life is Pokemon (For those who shy away from digital creatures of the 8-bit persuasion, this could be a fishing metaphor!)


You see in Pokemon, you attempt to weaken and catch the little creatures that inhabit the Earth. They usually shoot fire and poop lightning. These aren’t always the easiest creatures.

Yet you can’t catch a Pokemon in town. You actually have to go to a place… a dark forbidden land known as… THE TALL GRASS…

Tall grass

(Stay out of the Tall Grass. Raptors like the Tall Grass…)

When you wander amidst the Tall Grass (Or other environment deemed capable of producing Pokemon…) it’s a bit like fishing.

Sometimes you get a loser Pokemon like an overgrown Caterpillar. A super common bug. Other times though, you get a rare electric rat and can use it to murder opponents in an arena. The Rarity of Pokemon determines how often they occur. The amount of time you spend wandering the grass will often net a ton of common Pokemon, and sometimes it will net you a Pokemon so rare, it takes HOURS to find. Some areas have different Pokemon and you have to travel to get them all.

Upwork. Like any time based trade for animals, is like Fishing. Like catching Pokemon. Life actually often is.

You see we can’t control what we catch. Yet we can control what we we cast, where we fish, where we walk.

Life isn’t just events. It’s often environments. A possibility for things to occur.

Why does this matter? Without delving into all the nitty grit, one of the most painful feelings of learning is lost opportunity. I feel as if I watch rare elusive Pokemon just wander by, and I am unable to catch them. I watch Trophy fish flitter through the pond, and I don’t have time to cast.

Why? I’m in the Environment to Catch but I have to learn to be a better Catcher before I waste my time and effort. It’s a tough balance! In fact I NEED to do SOME catching to get better!


Follow One Course Until Successful.

Recently, being on Upwork has been distracting as heck! It’s WONDERFUL… but it’s tempting to want to apply at every job possible and keep getting distracted before learning the ropes. Instead I need balance. You see, every time I miss a rare opportunity, a few more days and a new one comes. Usually an awesome, incredible one as well.

Nope. Wander the Tall Grass a bit here and there, but now is time to LEARN! It’s refreshing to see, the Pokemon aren’t going to go anywhere.


  • Finished 2nd Clients first Milestone (Now at $130 earned)
  • On Module 4 of my course plus more tweaks
  • First Hidden Economy win! Someone reached out to me for a job!
  • Niche in Mobile Games is developing. I don’t want that niche but it’ll do for now.
  • Portfolio is coming along nicely!
  • Started studying Copywriting
  • Working through 5 P’s from Copyblogger.com
  • Also working through We Were Soldiers for fun
  • Current Games: Shadow of Mordor (DLC), Clash Royale.
    • Hope to start a new AAA title soon for articles!

Goals for the Week:

  • Finish Module 4
  • Relaunch Infinite and Fading
  • Add 3 Portfolio Items to Upwork
  • Get to Lesson 8 in Writing course (I’m on 6)
  • Excercise 3 Times

God speed little doodle!