Weekly Update #3.5: Know Thy Industry

Yesterday, my day job brought in an expert on a subject. Due to the nature of the subject, we’ll ignore the realm it falls under. VAGUE. THIS BLOG, Y U SO VAGUE??? In ministry though, we work with sensitive things and it’s best swept under the scandal rug.

Ok, ok, so we have this speaker and they have a pretty bland PowerPoint. Like super bland. Like Argentina food bland.

Protip: Never copy a legal definition of a condition or problem to define it for a non-jargon using audience. They reach boredom to such heights that water flows from the eyes.

During the presentation, the speaker, who was wonderful and gracious, outed herself as not studying her own industry.

I was stunned… you see I’ve been reading about this little principle for the last few days. And ever since I started, I see the fruit of it everywhere now.

This happened two days ago when I got an email marketing campaign from a Christian Ministry that was proclaiming pornography and Video Games as the downfall of the modern male. The tone-deaf nature at which it handled Gaming, reeked of an outsider, peering into the foreign culture and writing off differences as character flaws.

I lost all respect for the authors views on a 99.9 Billion-Dollar Industry that he outright dismissed. And I realized, if his industry is ministering to the young male demographic, he has OUTRIGHT failed to know his industry.

Know Thy Industry

Coming back to our guest speaker yesterday.

The speaker dropped this little tidbit in her message, “Yeah, my clients are always using sites like that, it’s popular on Instagram, and tumblr. I have no idea what tumblr is though. No idea at all what the heck it is.”

BAM! Outed… you see, when you know your clients have a profound interest in something, STUDY IT. If you can’t take 15-20 minutes to research or watch a Youtube video on what interests your clients, you will become stagnant.

And strangely enough… that’s the norm. People who don’t know the industry they are in or the needs of clients. You can even do well.  Because few are really studying the industry a little bit each day. Yet you will never be the next Warren Buffett if you shoot for Mediocre.

I am cultivating a 3rd rule but I already have Industry as one pillar of my rulebook, but man, this industry concept is painfully ignored for so many people. I might have to strengthen that Pillar.


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