Weekly Update #3: Still knocking off edges

Things I’ve worked on since last week:

The majority of Upwork change has been going through my profile and rewriting it (Quite a bit actually) and fulfilling the jobs I’ve already snagged and finishing Module 3 of the course I’m taking. Things I’m working on?

1.Learning to bid…

I WANT to sell myself short. I think my skill at salesmanship puts me closer to Gil from the Simpsons than a real business mind. I am influential and persuasive, of that I have no doubt, and I can talk with authority, but I’m so USED to being underpaid. I will devalue my rates way quicker than necessary (Please don’t take advantage of it if you are bidding with me…) For the first time today I just sent a bid beyond where I felt”Comfortable,” because I have a BAD comfort scale for bids. My hands are sweaty, I feel nervous. It’s because… the rejection I might face scares me. Yet, that might be good to face, right? Rejection makes one stronger.

2. My Title


I just am struggling through all the profile rewrites to nail my title. I want to come up in search results but not sound so specialized I am useless to a diverse range of needs. My Niche is pretty specific after all. I rewrote this FIVE times today and walked away unsatisfied. Perhaps I need more time and studying! I need something that really HOOKS the reader.

3. My Overview

My hook needs to be stronger… I recently implemented a call to action that’s a little more salesman like. AND IT’S THRILLING. The thought that I might be doing something better than bottom tier… I took this…

Revision 10

To… And I laugh because I revised this 5 times before posting this clip.

revision 16.PNG

And I particularly like this part…

Revision 13p2.PNG

It’s fun to learn and see my profile evolve from terrible, to something a little bit better than average. I’m STOKED about it!

4. Study, Study, Study…

A lot of listening, reading, creating, and continuing to learn more about freelancing, copywriting, and more. I hope to finish two courses I’m going through, and then start on some unique skills (Such as WordPress). There is so much to be done, it keeps my eyes bright!

I hope to add a new Rule this week as well 🙂



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