Upwork Journal #3: Smile

I’m not actually that happy with my smile. ESPECIALLY when it has no beard attached. I just don’t like it a lot (This isn’t a plea for self-esteem btw just how I feel). So today I was looking over tips on how to have a good profile photo on Upwork…

This was mine prior to the lesson,

Profile 1

I like the artsy photo, muted colors, the bowtie. So the argument was made by the teacher that, I don’t look like someone nice.


Why would that matter, right???

The subject was broached that those who know Mr. Jake, look at him and say “Nice photo! So COOOOO!”

But those who don’t know me. Well, they might think I’m artsy. But they might not think I’m friendly. If you zoom in, I look liable to murder your family. Or at least just be unpleasant.

Working with clients means making impressions that really move them to want you as a Freelancer. So I was given some tips, and decided to follow the cardinal rule…



So here is the new profile…


It’s a slight change. It’s not really perfect either because I seem to be looking into eternity somewhere, but it makes me look a WHOLE lot more enjoyable.

And that’s really it. Making sure people look at you and say, hmm, he’d be ok to work with. Instead of, “I wonder if he’ll yell at me.”

So smile. Grin. Be cheerful.

You can always show your cool photos to mom.


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