Upwork Journal #2: Keep on Chiselin’

Made some more profile changes… And boy, or man, or undefined gender pro-noun… does it look so different from the original! This reminds me of an ancient proverb. Usually foretold by wise sages, and inscribed upon Baltic birch.

How do you eat an Elephant?

1 Bite at a time.

(FYI Baltic Birch is the wood used for Popsicle sticks)

Perfection is this myth that we seem to ascribe to in modern society, chasing after consistently. It’s almost as if the very idea of a work in progress is repulsive to many people. Yet I’m trying to be a hardcore WIP. Erry day erry day I want to be engaging my work and asking?

How hard does this suck? Is non-suckitude obtainable? Does this make you feel sad to read, because you feel guilt that such terrible authors exist?

I want to be real about the quality of what I do and pursue mastery over years, instead of moments.

Maybe it’s TV, or Movies, or Websites that have zero mistakes, high standards, and insane grammar rules that gives us this impression.

Regardless, we often look at starting our new business, less as a progressive step towards better and more as hitting a bulls-eye on day one.

I’m learning to live less like a published piece and more like an unfinished sculpture. Finishing is hard for me. I start to loathe my work near the finish and want to just start again.

When a man sculpts, he takes a big block of clay, marble, or whatever he is using and slowly chisels bits away (Probably not clay. Now that I think about, clay is a terrible chiseling material). Over time the big block of marble, goes from a hunk of bland geometry to a beautiful work of art. And yet throughout the process… 30% of the way, 40% of the way through, you start to see what it is.

“Oh, that’s a beautiful statue of a gazelle with lasers attached to it’s head.”

And this knowledge of the finished art piece, this idea of being able to see what it is and what it will become, informs every chiseling.

The most defeating work, is when we near the finish, and we think “Dude, this is the worst sculpture, in the history of bad art. And there is some pretty bad art.”

Sometimes that’s life, we work and we work, and we need a new block of marble because, boy did we mess this up.

Yet often… it’s just a WIP. A work in progress. We are judging the art in infancy. Other times, the problem our lack of skill, and yet even if we practice for YEARS producing really good starts. If we never release a product, even if incomplete, we never practice finishing. We never practice the final stages. We can find yourself getting to the end of a book, unable to close, because we have nailed the intro perfectly during practice for a decade.

Yet have never finished.

So I am learning to release lower quality products until my endings improve. Until my writing improves. Because you might be able to achieve perfection, but I know I chased that for years and just became static. Never finishing anything.

So I’m updating my Upwork profile daily. Here is what it is starting to look like…


And strangely enough… I don’t know if I like it. I don’t know if this overview is good. I don’t know if it will be effective. But I am SOOOOO proud of the journey that my profile has taken. Yesterday, upon my 5th revision, it was something to the effect of…

“Text flavors every aspect of our life. From articles on 10 ways to love your cat, to a good Tolstoy romp in the bath. We find ourselves looking at text all day long. You are looking for a writer because you believe in your vision and that vision needs to be communicated. You believe in yourself.

Yet getting others to believe in us, is one of the most challenging aspects of a Social Media driven economy.It might not be a problem with the product you sell or the business you do. It could be with the writing. Bad writing is not just unremarkable. It’s forgettable. Bad writing dooms your blog, your articles, and your game to fade away into the void of ignored advertisements and unwatched videos.”

Basically… nobody knew what I do. What I’m selling. Or why they need it within the first sentence. I will talk further in the future about why these changes matter, but I’m starting to get it.

I’m starting to chisel. I’m starting to speed up my updates. And lower my standards.

Yet that’s ok, because this constant revision, has made my finished work, all the better.



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