Upwork Journal #1: Profile

Upwork journals will chronicle my journey to not suck at freelancing. Mediocre, here we come!

I seem to update multiple times a day. While this would be obnoxious to subscribers, I don’t have any yet… MWHAHAHAHA…

It also is expected.

When you first learn a skill, you make more mistakes than victories as you cultivate ability. I see what I am doing wrong DAILY. Although, I see it more often than that. In the course I’m taking, they asked me to learn about Strategic Positioning. I don’t want to drag someone’s secret notes into the daylight, so I’ll spare that, but I have been learning more than I can begin to say.

Lesson of the morning: On Upwork, I didn’t stand out (I still don’t). And my job was so vague, you didn’t really know what it was.

I started with something all New Agey

“Story Artist and Vision Sculptor for Growing your Kingdom”

While I might internally know what that means, Mr. Awesome Client, has no freaking clue what a vision sculptor does… I.E. make your vision come alive. I also kind of suck at advertising right now, It’s not like I WANT to be writing real estate ads… I think mentally, my profile was just what a client read when they got a bid. The truth is though, some clients invite you. They are searching for awesome talent and want to find you. Yes you. The one who does what they want done!

But they can’t find you.

Oh no, no, no… you are hidden. Because the man searching for a journalist to write his article on Mass Effect: Andromeda and getting the best loot isn’t searching for “Vision Sculptor.”

Nope. We need to be findable, understandable, and unique.

So I need a better profile than just vague random musings.

I found I’ve been falling into a niche through the assignments I’ve been taking on.

Tech and Game writing… So I think… for now… I’ll try those Niches. It is amazing though, now there is a tangible, searchable, term for what I do. This probably will improve my results!

Look below…


Now I’m not super content with this… It will be improved upon, but it is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER.

I don’t expect someone to find me until I have more notches in my belt. But before, I could expect no one would find me. Ever. And if they did, they’d message me just to tell me I’m strange.

Takeaway: Look at your profile, could someone new understand what you do? Is it vague? What are some of the most incredible titles you’ve seen? Comment below! It won’t hurt… I promise…


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