Changes #1: WordPress, Y, U, So, MEAN?

First Changes post! Hopefully… in the future… like 2290, archaeologists can look back at this blog… never mind… bit rot… will kill it.

Well, in the future, I’d like to be able to track what changes have taken this blog from terrible, to moderately OK! (That’s our goal line, because I am a low bar setter! WHAT! WHAT!)

So I’m going to have an Update section (About all the things going on in El blog and life.) but also a CHANGES section. So you can look back and be like, “How did Jake get such a fly blog?” and then after reading you’ll be like “Oh, he changed his stock photo to something worse then the stock photo… uh cool…”

Today I fiddled around with getting a better photo up top. I unfortunately have my photo’s on a separate computer so I started loading them from Flickr. It occurs to me, I don’t have the best Flickr portfolio!

They are blurry, pixelated, and gross comparatively. The best I could find was a hastily edited Scooter that looks like Sepia puked all over it.

Yet I picked it for the header.

Pro-Tip: Don’t upload a bunch of JPEG quality to Flickr just because 3rd world WI-FI is bad. It won’t help years later…

Because, the reality is, I like perfection. I can’t achieve perfection. So I will chisel a little here and a little there.

Of course I plan to change this header, but it’s one step at a time. A cool feature of this theme is that you can load up an album and have it change daily. I like the idea of having cool art but it occurs to me…


Is that a big deal? I need to study marketing…

Takeaway: If you wait until perfection to launch, you might never launch, if you launch a boat with holes in it though, you need to start patching them or you will sink. JUST DO SOMETHING AND KEEP DOING IT.

What’s something you’ve been waiting to do but are not doing, because you want it to be FREAKING PERFECT? Comment below. Like please comment. I have no friends.



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