Weekly Update #2

Man, I feel like Eminem before he goes on stage during 8 mile. Except, I would never throw up moms spaghetti, that’s just rude hood-rat behavior.

Milestones for the week:

First completed job. $100 in the bank.

I just submitted my first request to be paid. $100. I am far more proud of those dollars than I am of money earned doing manual labor in a steel mill in North Carolina or mowing lawns. It is in some ways, my first entrepanueral cash. My first time being paid as a self-employed freelance copywriter.

In a few hours, I will be a published Author. Or maybe Author is a bit stretching it… I did write a killer how-to article though!

Victory #1!!! WOOT!

Learning a ton from SSFU (Not a dirty acronym)

I’m currently taking a course on working on Upwork. It’s been great! It’s like looking into a mirror and seeing mustard all over my face. There is so much I can improve upon.

My writing has been consistent and often.

I have had writers block for three months. Freelance work has kicked that in the teeth. My workflow is productive, I am learning more about my craft, and my writing is improving! What What!

Hurdles for the week:

My professionalism needs a reboot.

I misread the instructions for an article bid, while being tested on my ability to read instructions. I sent a large article out to a client and eagerly awaited feedback. And I’m waiting to here back from a candidacy that looked really promising but might be a money/time hole.

I think some moments I feel so confident, other moments, I am in over my head.

It’s thrilling and yet, I’m learning so much about making sure you clarify expectations, ask questions, and keep learning. After all, reputation is a currency that freelancers trade in.

I need good clients.

So far I am bartering a lot of time for very little payback.

I need to be better at writing bids and winning proposals.

Well, this is embarrassing…



My Freelance goal for this month is to win one stellar long-term client and finish Secrets of a Six-Figure Upworker. I set this goal to be accomplished by April 18th. 

Thanks for reading! Track my journey with me and join along. What are your tips for finding success in my hurdles and achieving better milestones? Comment below!


Edit: For those who have seen that awful picture above of the $100 bill. It is pixelated because I used snipping tool and loaded up a picture into the featured image category without realizing that it doesn’t go to the main page but merely stays on the articles I publish. My mistake! Next time, put a picture in the article to snag attention and use a featured image that is relevent and interesting. Instead of improving on errors like this, I keep them as a testament to the changes this blog will go through in time. #Smallwins



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