Weekly Update#1: So it begins…

So it’s my first week on the job! WOOT! WOOT! Job you say?

Well let’s time travel…

*Zapping Noises*

Two weeks ago I realized I need more money to invest so I can make more money so I don’t have to sell my soul to Chipotle. No offense to Chipotle. It just pays well and is hiring. I have a job, but I’m locked into a salary.

This means if I show up early. I earn the same. If I leave early. I earn the same. Sometimes I work outrageous hours, others times I have breaks. Regardless of whether it’s  good or bad, there is one thing that I am reminded of…

The employee is slave to the employer.

They can dictate my hours, what I do when I am sick, cut off funds to feed my family, give funds if I do a good job. It’s not bad. Some people LOVE the 9-6 grind and feel successful. Yet I’ve always been somewhat discouraged by it.

So after years. We’re talking decades on decades like snacks be on snacks. I came to this place where I realized… I have hit terminal velocity. I can’t go any faster where I am at. There needs to be a change.

Then on the gossip rag that I occasionally gander at called Facebook that a friend of mine had arrived. A fancy website, a copywriting career, and shillings in the bank. This was all obtained by following the advice of freelance legend and occasional podcaster Danny Margulies from Freelance To Win.

I’m a pretty suspicious guy. Not like, I’m going to rob you, rather, “Oh man, I don’t trust no nobody ’round ‘ere.”

I don’t normally buy courses. So I didn’t. Instead I read every blog Danny had made, listened to podcasts, and heard about Upwork.

Now Upwork is a place where the Wild West of Freelancing has been moved to the even Wilder West of the internet. Without getting into a diatribe about the glory of Upwork (Not a Sponsor) I was intrigued.

So I joined. I started bidding. Nothing happened. Then I remembered the words of Danny, which are misquoted below for your pleasure,

“To become the best at a field young grasshopper, study your industry everyday. Dude.”

Suddenly dots connected like a constellation, except this one actually looked like something (I often think our ancestors had crap visual acuity but very good imaginations to make a couple of lines look like a lion).

I can Freelance. So I started my journey. Normally updates won’t be this long, because you use a smartphone and stopped reading about thirty lines ago. Regardless, I started on Upwork.

I had an awful profile, an awful proposal system, no good skills at closing, but after reading about my industry I just closed my first bid. 1 Article of 2000 words for $100.


So this week, I started learning, I’ll write about what I’m learning, Upwork, how to not suck, but that’s in due time.

Oh, and I bought the course.

Challenge: Pick something you are good at… Now pick two more things… would people pay to learn, read, or see that thing? Always good food for thought! Comment yours below!

Edit: This blog was originally called, Update #1: Maybe these will be weekly. I intentionally changed it to be a weekly update structure to bring this blog in line with my other posts. I think consistency is great for growing a platform. I also changed the format from random vague Updates to weekly. Given a tangible time-frame to something keeps it present and a pattern you can repeat. Also I asked a question for a Challenge, but didn’t tell anyone to comment! This has been changed. ALWAYS INVITE READERS TO DO SOMETHING IN INK OR BLOOD.


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